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Professional Scratch Repair & Data Recovery for CD - DVD & Video Game Discs

For Home, Business, Educational & Public Institutions.

Data Recovery Case Studies - Cracked & Scratched DVD-r:

- From an initial inspection of this particular DVD-r, our first thoughts are that the crack damage could well be fatal and data recovery seemed unlikely to be successful.

- The crack damage at the hub reaches the foil data layer, where the data is stored, and recovery of this type can often prove fruitless.

- Having received the DVD-r under our FREE DATA RECOVERY ASSESSMENT we ran some tests on the disc both visual and technical. The result being that to 8 out of 10 drives the disc was inoperable, with the 2 drives showing some signs of life, but reporting the disc as blank. The disc was of a generic type, at the lower end of the quality spectrum with no record of a Media ID.

- However, to our technicians the disc being recognized as just a blank disc is a ray of hope! With that in mind we deemed it worthy to
continue with a data recovery attempt.

Regardless of several issues with the file system & TOC , we were able to
gradually recover the data piece by piece and rebuild those files.

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 DVD Encoding/DeCoding - Audio/Video Compiling/ReCompiling -
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-The data we recovered, were the core files from the customer’s family home video in
DVD format. With these files now retrieved from the disc we were able to recompile and
author them to the original DVD format, together with rescued title, menu and chapters,
and perfect original quality sound and video, all burned to a new DVD.
-Needless to say our client was elated by the recovery of what was deemed by others as,
a permanently damaged disc!


-We also now have a securely archived copy of the DVD within our DataSafe service for the
customer to retrieve at any time in the future should anything detrimental occur to his valued
home video again!

FREE Assessment of your media.   All of this from just £35!!
Though each data recovery job varies, on average,
retrieval of data from a DVD will cost just £45 - NO FIX...NO FEE!

If you would like to send us your disc(s) for a FREE assessment or for Data Recovery simply open and print the order form and send, with your disc(s),
to our address on the order form.


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