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Professional Scratch Repair & Data Recovery for CD - DVD & Video Game Discs

   For Home, Business, Educational & Public Institutions


  General Disc Repair:
Can CD Fixer repair every scratched disc?
How do you repair scratched discs?
How many times can a disc be repaired?
Why do some disc's cost more to repair?
Is there damage that can not be repaired?
Is the repair process safe?
My disc wont play anymore, Why?

  Optical Discs:  I would like to know more about...
  How DVD's are made...
  How CD's are made...
  How BluRay discs are made...
  What format are games console discs?
  Recordable CD DVD Formats...

How do I place an order to have my scratched CD or DVD disc repaired?
I have ordered my disc repair, Now What?
I am asked to print an order form, I don't have a printer, what do I do?
What is the best way to send discs to you for repair?
I sent you my disc for repair, but have not received any confirmation of it being received or repaired?
I live outside the UK, Can you still repair my scratched CD's and DVD's and ship overseas?

Disc Issues/Errors/Symptoms:
I burnt/created my own DVD-r or CD-r but it has errors, Can you fix this?
My DVDr or CDr will not finalise and I can't use it, What do I do?


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Case Studies
Scratched XBox 360 Discs

My XBox 360 game disc was scratched by the console can you repair it?
My disc is cracked, Will you be able to repair it?
My disc is warped, Will you be able to repair it?
I tried to removes scratches from a CD DVD using a cheap home repair gadget,
but it didn't work, What do I do?

The section below is currently being updated (28th October 2013) and will be available shortly.  Thank you for your patience.
  Business / Distribution / Reselling
- I would like to start my own disc repair business, Can you help?
- I sell on eBay, Can I offer your services to the public and make a profit?
- I have a retail shop/rental outlet, Can I sell your service and make profit?
  FAQ’s for CD Fixer Approved Service Agents;
- What is an Approved CD Fixer Service Agent?
- I am a CD Fixer Approved Service Agent and I have a problem
with my disc repair machine, What do I do?
- I am a CD Fixer Approved Service Agent and the business I am receiving is more than I can process, What do I do?
- Can I become a CD Fixer Approved Service Agent if I live outside the United Kingdom?


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