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Professional Scratch Repair & Data Recovery for CD - DVD & Video Game Discs

   For Home, Business, Educational & Public Institutions

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   Is the repair process safe?

Yes, completely! All the machines and processes we use are tried, tested and patented.

Care should be taken however, if a disc has deteriorated in any way, whether  on the polycarbonate side or the graphic/label side. Our machines use a wet polish process and any defective/deteriorated discs may allow an ingress of polish into the fabric of the disc.
Discs are checked and assessed upon arrival, any discs which appear to have deteriorated will be held aside until confirmation is sought from the customer.

   My disc wont play anymore, Why?

In simple terms, the reason most discs won't play is because the bottom (non-label) recorded surface is scratched. This causes the light from the laser, that reads the data within the disc, to become distorted and diverted 'off-course', this impedes the lasers travel and does not allow it to return to the laser as intended. This causes errors or will cause the disc not to work at all.

This fundamental cause applies in principal to all CD's, DVD's and optical discs. We can repair these scratches and restore the disc to allow un-hindered laser travel, allowing the disc to operate perfectly once again.


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Case Studies
Scratched XBox 360 Discs

A fatally damaged, cracked CD / DVD;

Unfortunately, discs suffering this severity of damage can not be repaired or recovered. Click image for larger view.


A cracked CD / DVD we recovered using Data Recovery;

CD's or DVD's with cracks reaching the data layer still have a chance of having us recover the data from them manually using our
data recovery processes. Click image for larger view.

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