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  How many times can a CD & DVD disc be repaired?

Naturally this depends how deeply scratched the disc is each time, but we conservatively estimate a minimum of ten times on standard repair cycles, less if the damage is more severe when repaired. In fact, far in excess of what most discs will experience during their lifetime.

  Why do some disc's cost more to repair?

Some DVDs are double sided and have to be repaired on both sides for which an extra will be incurred.

 A disc having suffered substantial enough damage to still require repair after passing through one standard repair process, will automatically be passed through one more standard repair cycle from start to finish, at no extra cost. However, should any defects still be evident, further repairs will be necessary and therefore incur extra costs. At this point we will contact the customer for approval of the continuation of the repair.

   Is there damage that can not be repaired?

Warped or cracked discs cannot be repaired. Data that is lost due to damage to the foil data layer cannot be replaced. Minor damage to the data layer often does not necessarily prevent a disc playing back or operating perfectly after repair.

Click here to see our  Data Layer Light Test you can do yourself to see if your data layer is damaged.

Severe scratches (for example, scratches that can be felt with a finger nail), gouges or 'dents' can occasionally cause the data layer to compress with the impact or force required to cause the damage and corrupt the data within, though the scratches can be removed, the effects of the scratches or dents may have rendered the data corrupt. The data that has been damaged can not be repaired, but often operate satisfactorily after repair depending on the disc type, format and content.

However, all is by no means lost if a severe scratch, gouge or dent corrupts the data or data layer, we can recover data manually from damaged data layers using our
data recovery processes.  
Here is a case study of a cracked disc we recovered using our data recovery process.


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Case Studies
Scratched XBox 360 Discs

A fatally damaged, cracked CD / DVD;

Unfortunately, discs suffering this severity of damage can not be repaired or recovered. Click image for larger view.


A cracked CD / DVD we recovered using Data Recovery;

CD's or DVD's with cracks reaching the data layer still have a chance of having us recover the data from them manually using our
data recovery processes. Click image for larger view.

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