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Professional Scratch Repair & Data Recovery for CD - DVD & Video Game Discs

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     How do you repair scratched discs?

Using our suite of industrial grade, tried and tested machines, specifically designed and developed with State-of-the Art patented technology to repair CD's, DVD's and all optical discs.

The machine process involves the polycarbonate layer on the playing side of the disc being polished away micron by micron using our specially developed optical grade polish compound to  restore it to a mirror finish. Once restored, this allows the light from the devices laser to pass cleanly through the disc to the data layer and back to the laser again.

        How a scratched CD or DVD affects the laser reading the data......


        How a laser reads data on a repaired CD or DVD...


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  Below you can see examples of a scratched CD / DVD repair carried out on just one type of machine we use: Click image for full size view...

            Before                                During                            After

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