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 How Blu-Ray Discs are constructed;

  Laser Technology
DVD- players use a red laser at 650nm wave length to read DVD discs. As the disc spins the laser reads the information encoded on the media and produces an image and sound on your television.
·    Blu-ray- As the name suggests Blu-ray players use a blue laser to read the stored information. Blue laser wavelengths are shorter than the red at 405nm and are about two and a half times smaller in diameter than red lasers. This allows for closer and more precise reading of information stored on the disc.

  Disc Construction
Physically, Blu-ray and DVD discs are identical. Both media have grooves or pits on their bottom layer that enables the laser to penetrate through and read the stored information.

DVD- Since DVDs are read with a red laser the grooves on its underside need to be wide enough to accommodate the larger wavelength. Because the grooves are so far apart only 4.7 GB of information can be stored on each layer of the disc.
Blu-ray- The grooves on a Blu-ray disc are much thinner and closer together because the blue laser used to read the disc has a shorter wave length and is two and a half times thinner than the red laser. This allows the Blu-ray disc to squeeze almost five times as many grooves on to a disc exactly the same size as a DVD. The polycarbonate layer on the bottom of a Blu-Ray disc is much thinner than on a standard DVD. Therefore, since the data layer is much closer to the surface of the disc, a hard coating of the pick-up surface was chosen to protect against scratches.


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Scratched XBox 360 Discs

 Even with the hard scratch coating that is applied to the Blu-Ray disc, they still become scratched.

The good news is, we do repair scratched Blu-Ray discs!

However, as they are harder to scratch, they are also harder to repair and can, on occasion, require additional repair to restore. Should this be the case we contact you to let you know that an additional repair will be required on your scratched Blu-Ray or scratched PS3 disc and await your confirmation.


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