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 How CD's (Compact Discs)
          are constructed;

All pre-recorded discs start out as clear plastic (polycarbonate) discs. The data they contain is stamped onto the top side of the discs using a stamp that contains bumps. After the disc has been stamped it contains tiny 'pits' and 'lands' which represent the data (zeroes & ones). The data layer and the reflective layer make up less than 1% of the entire thickness of the disc. The remaining polycarbonate is mainly used for rigidity. A thin layer of lacquer is sprayed onto the foil layer to prevent oxidisation and damage. Artwork (labels) is then screen printed onto the disc, or on sometimes labels are stuck on.

Due to this type of construction, being that the label and lacquer layer are only the thickness of a human hair, Compact Discs are very susceptible to permanent scratch damage from the top. A scratched CD, occurring on the top of the disc can easily reach through to the data layer and the data there will become lost and the disc irreparable.

A CD with scratches to the top that have reached the data layer, will allow the laser light to pass directly through the damaged area.


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