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 How DVD (Digital Versatile Disc) are constructed;

Double Sided Discs;
DVD (Digital Versatile Disc); Movies - DVD-r's - PS2 - XBox - XBox360....

These discs are double sided and have a strong polycarbonate layer below AND above the foil data layer forming a 'sandwich' to protect the data. Due to this method of manufacture, these discs are far more robust and far less likely to suffer data layer damage from the top side of the disc.


Being that they are more robust, scratched DVD's, video game discs and DVD     recordable discs can all be repaired and restored to perfect optical clarity and high gloss shine finish.

The first step in manufacturing a DVD-R or DVD+R disc is to fabricate the polycarbonate plastic substrates (incorporating the spiral groove and land pre-pits) using an injection moulding process.

A dye is then applied using spin coating. After both sides of the disc are completed they are bonded together. Additional decoration or printable layers are typically applied using screen printing methods.



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Scratched XBox 360 Discs

A DVD-R (General) disc undergoes a further manufacturing step in which a specialised computer DVD recorder is used to “prewrite” information in the Control Data Zone of its Lead-in Area to inhibit direct copying of pre-recorded DVD-Video discs encrypted with the Content Scrambling System (CSS). Apart from this, and some minor differences in the configuration of the moulding stamper used to create the substrates, the process for manufacturing DVD-R and DVD+R discs is virtually identical.



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