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 How Recordable CD & DVD's (CDr DVDr + RW) are constructed;

 Pressed CD DVD (Factory produced, non-recordable);

A factory produced CD is referred to as a pressed CD. Data is stored in the form of zeros and ones in “pits” and “lands”. The surface of a pressed CD has a number of microscopic dents called “pits” which correspond to a zero and flat areas called “lands” which correspond to a one. 

A laser beam inside the CD drive scans the surface of the CD for these pits and lands. When the laser hits a land it reflects back directly to a photocell, present inside the CD player, which detects it and reads it as one. When the laser hits a pit it gets scattered everywhere with no or very few light returning back to the photocell. This is read as zero. Since these pits and lands are physically moulded into the surface of the disc, pressed discs can last hundreds of years provided you do not damage or scratch the recorded surface. In theory the disc itself should never wear out.

 Recordable CD-r's DVD-r's; are different from pressed discs. CD-Rs does not contain pits and lands, instead its covered with a layer of organic dye. This dye has a special characteristic. When the disc is written, a high powered laser causes spots on the dye to turn black (hence the term “burning”). When such a recorded CD is played on a CD player, the burned and the unburned areas which have differently reflectivity is seen by the photocell inside the CD player as pits and lands. When the laser beam encounters a dark spot, the light gets absorbed by the spot which is the same as the light being scattered by a pit. Hence this is read as zero. The unburned areas behave the same way as a land and are read as one.


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In terms of repair, we repair all types of scratched CDr or DVDr which can be repaired and restored to an 'as new' finish.

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