Professional Scratch Repair & Data Recovery for CD - DVD & Video Game Discs

   For Home, Business, Educational & Public Institutions

Start a business or make additional profit and ensure you only stock & sell perfect condition discs for maximum profit and customer satisfaction with the CD Fixer Reseller program.

Become a CD Fixer reseller....
Simply list or advertise CD - DVD Repair as a service you
provide to your customers..

Send them to us in bulk (10+)...
We repair them at trade rates...and you keep the profit!

Disc Repair RRP £2.99 per Disc
You can set your prices to your own margins, higher or lower.

We process your orders at £1.80* per disc

You make a 40% profit Margin for selling disc repair and posting to us
and we do the dirty work for you!

*Trade rates vary according to volume (£0.90 - £1.90)


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Scratched XBox 360 Discs

If you sell or keep CD - DVD stock, simply include them with your orders and have them repaired at the same rates!


You Sell: 10 Disc Repairs at £29.99
We Repair: 10 Discs at £12.00

You retain £18.00 and that is just for 10 disc order.

What do you have to lose?...Nothing..just make good profit!
We provide all marketing materials, business cards, posters, postcards for you to advertise your disc repair to your customers.

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